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Google Chrome 66 Now Available for Download

Google has recently releases Chrome 66 for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and this time, the changelog includes both security fixes and refinements to performance and the built-in features. Chrome 66.0.3359.117 comes with a total...

Samsung Chromebook Plus Laptop

The 5 Cheapest Chromebooks To Buy

A list of the 5 cheapest Chromebooks you can buy in 2018. No listed Chromebook is above $450 us dollars. We compare features and options including speed, weight of the Chromebook and whether it is good for gaming or better suited for the work environment.

Forge of Empires official logo

Download Forge of Empires For Chrome

Download Forge of Empires for Chrome and instantly experience a unique and fun strategy game that allows you to build your own city and become a king or queen. Develop massive cities online with other friends and players while upgrading your tech and army.

Microsoft and Apple Are the Most Trusted Tech Giants

The Facebook privacy blunder has made many users think twice before agreeing to hand their personal data to a tech company, and without a doubt, it’ll spark many substantial changes in the future that...

Pixel and Pixel XL Dropped from the Google Store

Google is finally pulling the plug on the Google Pixel line of phones from 2016, and the company has removed them from the store. After Google moved on from Nexus to Pixel, everyone was...