Best Chromecast Apps for Watching High Quality Movies

Chromecast apps to watch movie

In today’s digital world, we have numerous digital devices to entertain ourselves. If you have been using Google’s Chromecast for your Television and looking for compatible Chromecast apps for watching high quality movies, TV Channels and videos, then here we have come up with a fresh list of best Chromecast apps for you. The following free movie apps are highly compatible with the Chromecast device and can let you stream high quality movies through it. Let’s get on to the list right now!

Best Chromecast Apps for Watching Movies

  1. YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the most liked app for both, Android and iOS mobile platforms for watching all types of videos and high-quality movies. Chromecast and YouTube both are Google products which make the perfect combination for the users to give them the best of experience of exploring videos on their big screen Television.

YouTube offers a huge range of videos in different languages and the required video qualities. You can also subscribe and stream out your favorite YouTube channels with faster streaming speed. It’s a perfect and most recommended platform for Chromecast users.

  1. Crackle

Crackle is also a very popular online movies streaming apps which is available for both, Android and iOS mobile platforms. The application is compatible with Google’s Chromecast and you can stream out any movies or video channels available on its platform right from your Smartphone. If you subscribe for their premium services, you will also be able to download your favorite movies and videos in full HD resolution to watch them offline without the need of the Internet connectivity.

If you have a different choice and want to stream TV Channels or TV shows, then Crackle provides you a huge list of such TV channels from which you can stream out your favorite TV Shows and other videos quickly.

  1. Daily Motion

Daily Motion is yet another online video streaming platform available for the people who like to spend their time by watching movies and TV shows. If you have a Chromecast and want to stream and explore your favorite movies and TV shows in full HD resolution, then Daily Motion provides you everything for free.

Daily Motion is compatible with the Chromecast device and it lets you stream HD videos with faster speed. The videos will not be interrupted in the middle of the movie time. Apart from this, you will also be able to share your favorite videos with your friends right from this app by using the Share button.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is world’s most popular on demand streaming platform with an ocean of videos, movies and online TV channels. If you are fond of watching different types of videos and movies online, then Netflix will not disappoint you. The platform provides fresh and unique contents with your favorite TV channels and TV shows.

Fortunately, Netflix now lets you stream your favorite contents on a big screen Television through Chromecast device. You can easily connect this app with the Chromecast device to stream videos. The platform works smoothly and offers faster streaming speed.

  1. PBS Videos

PBS Videos lets you stream live TV Channels with your favorite movies and music videos. It’s one of the best streaming platforms which comes with a decent user interface. Fortunately, this online streaming platform is now compatible with the Google Chromecast device which makes it easier for the users to explore all the contents available on this platform on a Television.

The best thing about using this platform is you can save your favorite music and movies on this platform and can start streaming them through Chromecast device from your Smartphone on a Television. They also spend a lot of money for producing unique and fresh contents for their subscribers. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Videos is a product from Amazon. It’s a popular video on demand service platform which is hugely popular around the world. They offer plenty of TV shows and high- quality movies for their subscribers. The best thing about this platform is it is compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms.

You can easily connect it with the Chromecast device to stream the videos on a Television screen in full HD resolution. They spend millions of dollars for providing fresh contents and web series for their users. You will also get a list of most popular movies in different languages for different regions of people.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is yet another video on demand platform where you can watch pretty much all types of video contents. If you are a big fan of Television shows and movies, then this platform offers a huge number of contents. You can simply stream your favorite movies in HD resolution by connecting it with the Chromecast device.

Hulu serves a decent user interface which makes it easier for you to stream movies directly on your Television screen from Mobile phone. The platform lets you explore the exclusive catalog of Hulu’s original contents, TV shows, Video channels and movies for their subscribers. As per your requirements, you can pick the subscription plan and can start streaming your favorite Movies in HD resolution.

  1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a popular online streaming service provide which comes with over 100 popular TV Channels to stream. Fortunately, this web channel is now available for Android and iOS mobile platforms. You can stream your movies through your Android or iOS smartphones from this device easily.

Using its mobile app is pretty easy and you can quickly connect the app with the Chromecast device to stream your favorite Movies and TV Channels on a Television screen. It’s fast, reliable and decent movie streaming app for both, Android and iOS mobile devices. The app costs nothing and you can install it from its official store for a respective mobile device. You can also explore this platform with its website.