Building a faster, smarter, Chromebook experience with the best of Google technologies


ChromeOS will soon be developed on large portions of the Android stack to bring Google AI, innovations, and features faster to users.

Over the last 13 years, we’ve evolved ChromeOS to deliver a secure, fast, and feature-rich Chromebook experience for millions of students and teachers, families, gamers, and businesses all over the world. With our recent announcements around new features powered by Google AI and Gemini, Chromebooks now give us the opportunity to put powerful tools in the hands of more people to help with everyday tasks.

To continue rolling out new Google AI features to users at a faster and even larger scale, we’ll be embracing portions of the Android stack, like the Android Linux kernel and Android frameworks, as part of the foundation of ChromeOS. We already have a strong history of collaboration, with Android apps available on ChromeOS and the start of unifying our Bluetooth stacks as of ChromeOS 122.

Bringing the Android-based tech stack into ChromeOS will allow us to accelerate the pace of AI innovation at the core of ChromeOS, simplify engineering efforts, and help different devices like phones and accessories work better together with Chromebooks. At the same time, we will continue to deliver the unmatched security, consistent look and feel, and extensive management capabilities that ChromeOS users, enterprises, and schools love.

These improvements in the tech stack are starting now but won’t be ready for consumers for quite some time. When they are, we’ll provide a seamless transition to the updated experience. In the meantime, we continue to be extremely excited about our continued progress on ChromeOS without any change to our regular software updates and new innovations.

Chromebooks will continue to deliver a great experience for our millions of customers, users, developers and partners worldwide. We’ve never been more excited about the future of ChromeOS.

Posted by Prajakta Gudadhe, Senior Director, Engineering, ChromeOS & Alexander Kuscher, Senior Director, Product Management, ChromeOS


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