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Hello everyone, you can download Cover Fire for Chromebook and play one of the highest rated shooting games that even allows you to play it offline. Literally I was playing it about 20 minutes ago before posting this.

Of course I know most of us basically play Fifa, a game that has dominated every platform for the past 20 years thanks to the lack of competition in this industry and a bunch of other “political” type reasons that I will save to tell you another day. Dream League Soccer is not necessarily new, they have been releasing games on mobile phones for a long time now and they continue to grow despite the lack of licences to make the game feel and look more authentic with official team kits etc, I have to give it to them, as I type this, they have well over 3500 licensed players that they can use in the game including popular players like Luis Suarez & Gareth Bale. Either way, despite the lack of licences, the game is still fun if you just want to play a soccer game with easy to use controls and better than average graphics for a compact game, DLS 2020 is the game you should try. You can make sure Cover Fire works on your Chromebook by making sure your Chromebook was made in 2017 or newer, another added advantage is if your Chromebook has a touchscreen. Let us know in the comments if you decide to try the game.

  • Can you play Cover Fire on Chromebook? Yes you can.

What Is Cover Fire About?

Cover Fire starts off with you receiving a call to duty to be the shooter who will lead a squad of veterans through cities full of armored enemies. Explore deserts and fields taken by guerrillas, and defeat all kind of enemies in the war with the biggest graphic, greatest arsenal and the best offline gameplay on Chromebook. The ultimate shooting battle experience. Take cover, aim, shoot and eliminate this hazard. Don’t let the terrorists own the world, do what you have to do to keep the world free.

Build your front-line strategy in the battlefield and kill your enemy from all sides. Face limitless ops action in the online tournaments game mode.Take your weapons from a killing arsenal and level up your soldiers with unique shooter skills. The game comes with a challenging story mode in which you fight against Tetracorp and lead a mercenary riot on every mission.

Cover Fire Features:

  • Play Offline. We recommend a WiFi to download the game, but you don’t need WiFi to play.
  • New Shooting Game and challenging Story mode. Join the resistance and command this battle like a pro. Take your weapon, strike the enemy army with a hail of bullet, grenades, massive guns. Release the Fury of this War.
  • Modern control that bring you a fun and addictive combat. Shoot to Kill and saving victims.
  • HD Graphics with destructible environments. Everything interacts with you and your soldiers.
  • New mode: Sniper FPS Black Ops. You received the call for duty of defeat all enemies the time runs out.
  • Try the free zombie event! Hit and don’t leave any zombies alive.
  • Supply yourself with a huge real arsenal. You have never seen so realistic gun games: pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers… feel like a real front-line command.
  • Face the battlefield from different perspectives. Alternate among your mercenaries in real time, find the ultimate combination to win the battle in the ultimate killing game.
  • Set up your assassin squad with their unique skills: hacker, sniper, assault man.
  • Take the control of the battle and become the best shooter in the most addictive sniper 3d shooting.

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