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doc to form logoHello everyone, you can download Doc to Form for Google Docs and utilize one of the most straight forward and at the same time necessary add-on available for you. Luckily, it’s free and it works.

Today we will highlight some reasons, albeit obvious on why we think you should go ahead and install Doc to form add-on right now on your Google Docs. Like I stated a few days ago, starting this week, we will be posting a ton more add-ons for your favorite Google apps, just a few hours ago I posted Nearpod for Google Slides and you all seem to love it, anyway, I have just recently installed this little add-on about 2 hours ago or so? I tested it out and it works just as intended, although I recently saw a couple of comments at Google’s Marketplace page about regarding this add-on not working as intended, but it looks like it works just fine for the majority of us. As the name of the add-on says, it simply allows you to convert your Doc files to a Google Form template with just a few simple clicks. Let us know in the comments below what you think about it and if you, your school or organization find it useful.

Install Doc to Form via Google Workspace

What is Doc to Form About?

Doc to Form is an add-on for your Google Docs that allows you to quickly and easily create a form from text within a Google Doc. Doc to Form allows you to quickly and easily create a Google Form from within a Doc. Simply select text and click a button to add your questions. You can choose from a variety of question types, it is truly ideal for converting traditional worksheets to Google Forms at the click of a button.

Doc to Form Screenshot

example of doc to form

Doc to Form Video

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