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Hello everyone, you can download Kaizena for Google Docs and Google Slides and use one a pretty underrated add-on that allows you add audio comments and notes on your own or someone else’s Google Doc or Google Slides document/file.

Today we will highlight some reasons, albeit obvious on why we think you should go ahead and install Kaizena add-on right now on your Google Docs. Like I mentioned earlier, it also works with Google Slides but I know the majority of you will use it mostly for Docs. I honestly and I am really surprised that such a feature isn’t already automatically available within Docs, it’s something that I am sure Google will probably add sooner than later, they might even buy Kaizena out and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. This add-on is especially useful for teachers and students so that they can both share comments and notes about each others Google Docs on specific paragraphs, sentences, words etc, it’s a really neat app that you have to check out for yourself to see what I mean. Let us know in the comments below what you think about it and if you, your school or organization find it useful.

Install Kaizena via Google Workspace

Download Kaizena for Google Docs & Google Slides

What is Kaizena About?

Kaizena is an add-on for your Google Docs and Google Slides that allows you to insert text, audio and video without leaving the student’s document for feedback and or comments.

Kaizena add-on Features

  • Highlight and record a voice comment without leaving Google Docs.
  • Stop repeating yourself with our Lessons feature, which let you attach saved feedback to highlights inside a Google Doc.
  • Track evidence of skills students demonstrate in their Google Docs with our Skills feature.
  • Students will be able to edit their work immediately after receiving your feedback.
    Easier for peers to provide feedback, any Google Doc collaborator can provide feedback.

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