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Keep Awake for Chrome

Keep Awake on Chrome

Hello everyone, you can download Keep Awake for Chrome, but before you do that, I have to tell you all that I have very been busy working on a new project that will soon be released to the public by May 26th. So in about 10 days from now, I will make an announcement right here on and most of you will love this new project, especially if you are into Mac/Apple products lol, anyway read on…

So is officially one month old now and it has grown been growing in terms of traffic, daily. I just want to thank all of you who continue to visit this site, whether you found us on google search or a link somewhere on the web. I am glad you are reading this and please, if you can help us, contact us, we are currently looking for more staff to write about Chrome and Chromebooks, anyone can apply as long as you can read and write lol.

Anyway, today we will take a close look on how to disable Chromebook sleep mode or even if you don’t have a Chromebook but just the Chrome browser, this app will also allow you to disable Chrome sleep mode. To do this, you just have to download an app called Keep Awake, I have been using this app for the past 2 years on all of my laptops.

What Is Keep Awake?

It’s basically an app for your Google Chrome browser that makes it possible for your computer to always stay awake, you can even make sure the screen never dims and it can stay lit even if you leave your computer idle for awhile. Pretty cool app to have right?

  • Override system power-saving settings.
  • This extension makes it easy to temporarily disable power management on Chrome OS.

It adds an icon in the upper-right corner of the browser that can be clicked to switch between modes where the screen is kept on (sun icon), the system is prevented from sleeping (sunset), or power-saving settings are left unchanged (moon).

Install Keep Awake Extention

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