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Survivor in the rainbow monster on Chromebook

Hello everyone, you can download Survivor in Rainbow Monster for Chromebook and experience a fun

Today we will highlight some reasons why we think you should give this cute game a try on your ChromeOS device. I have just installed it, I literally played this game for about 1 hour so I can’t go too deep into how the game is but at very least I got the feel for the game and it is interesting. I must say, some of the characters in the game look like or almost exactly like the Among Us characters(check our screenshots below), maybe it’s just me? Anyway, story for another day. The game is easy to learn and the graphics are fine for what the game is about so don’t expect anything flashy and detailed. The point of the game is to try to survive a few nights at an unknown location with no one else there expect you and some monsters. You have to get creative on the types of things you do to survive each night that comes with different types of challenges. By the way, when I installed this game on my Chromebook, I was bit nervous, I thought it might not even work, some game developers purposely block Chromebook’s because they detect them as emulators, sigh, a story for another day but to my surprise, it worked perfectly on my backup Lenovo Duet 2-1 Chromebook and I was so glad it did! The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are good enough for “mobile” gaming. I think a lot of you will definitely get hooked on this game and I do have to warn you, if you are love survival games, this game is addicting, in a good way!

Another reminder, you will need a touchscreen enabled Chromebook so make sure if you decide to play it on your Chromebook, check our list of Chromebooks that can run Android apps and games. If your Chrome OS device is on the list or if it was made after 2017, it can most likely run this game without any issues. Let us know in the comments what you think about this game, the perfect game for those of you who have plenty of time to kill whether at home or at work.

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What is Survivor in Rainbow Monster game about?

Survivor in Rainbow Monster is a game that works on your Chromebook and it allows you to play a very interesting survival-adventure game that is fun for all ages starting from 7+ according to the authors of this game.

In Survivor In Rainbow Monster, the story goes, you start off as an unnamed child who has been kidnapped during a school trip to an amusement park called Spooky park. From the moment of your capture, you must survive five nights in the strange location that’s entirely empty of life except for you and the Rainbow Monster. Five nights(more coming), with each evening consisting of a special task or challenge you must complete while avoiding the Rainbow Monsters.

Survivor in Rainbow Monster Gameplay Screenshots

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Survivor in Rainbow Monster Chromebook Requirements

  • Supported OS Version: ChromeOS & Android 8.0 or newer.
  • Supported Device: Device with 4GB of RAM or above.
  • Storage Space: 1 GB or above.

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