Latest Chrome News & Google Updates

Google+ Gets Updated With Events and Photo Zoom

Google has just updated Google+ and brought back a feature that some users enjoyed, Events. Google+ was once thought to become so popular that it would take on Facebook, but its popularity slowly started...

Google App to Bring New Google Assistant Features

Google Assistant integrates many Google services and offers users a way to access information and get answers to their daily questions. Google has released a beta version of the Google App and it seems...

Android Wear 2.0 To Supposedly Arrive on February 9

Google was said to launch the new Android Wear 2.0 last fall, but the release was delayed due to “quality requirements”, which means that the company intends to bring significant changes to the OS....

Webflow Online CMS For Chrome

Download Webflow For Chrome

Download Webflow for free. An online CMS for Chrome with a crisp visual editor that allows you create web sites online including free hosting.