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Hello readers, you can download Dropbox for Gmail and it is a must have add-on these days. Dropbox for gmail is one of the most used add-on’s on the G Suite Marketplace, so far it has 99,000+ active users. Basically this add-on helps you to view and store files from the smallest docs to the largest videos without leaving your inbox. The ability to share Dropbox files and folders while composing an email is coming soon!

I myself love using Dropbox, because I don’t need to fill up my inbox or worry about attachment size limits. It seamlessly saves all my attached files to Dropbox without me leaving Gmail. On the other hand Dropbox eliminates distractions by bringing my files together, in one central place. This means no more jumping back and forth between apps. I don’t have to update email threads every time files change.

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What Is Dropbox For Gmail Add-on About?

Dropbox is loved by 500+ million users, it simplifies your work with a central place to access and share files and easy-to-use collaboration tools. From the smallest business to the largest enterprise, it makes teamwork better.


G Suite team admins can install the add-on for their entire teams with just a few clicks. Using the Dropbox Admin Console, you can easily manage the visibility, access, and download permissions of every file, folder, and link or share files.


This add-on will work with any browser, as well as, the Gmail apps. With Dropbox, all your files are automatically synced across your devices and accessible whenever you want them even offline.

Some Dropbox For Gmail Features:

  • Work without limits. Stop worrying about file size or inbox space. Just add a link to any file or folder in your Dropbox, and anyone can access it without installing special software.
  • Eliminate distractions. Accessing your Dropbox right in Gmail means no more jumping back and forth between apps. And shared links always point to the latest versions, so there’s no need to update email threads when files are updated.
  • Centralize everything. Tired of having to track down work? The Gmail add-on lets you easily save files from your email to Dropbox, so you can keep all your work in one place.

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