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Hello everyone, you can download Pear Deck for Chrome & Chromebook and experience one of the best educational apps available on any platform. Pear Desk has a positive rating from over 10 million users who currently use it, this is according to Google’s on G Suite Marketplace rating system.

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Today we will highlight some reasons why you should try Pear Desk for your classroom. If you want to integrate your work with your students, this is the app you should probably try before you try anything else. I am that confident in this app because just last week when I was visiting my nephews school, their high school was trying out Pear Deck for this year and so far all the students and the teachers really like it as it makes it easier for them to share and collaborate their work in real-time and online. Not only were the students more interested in the material presented, hell, even the teachers seemed to enjoy teaching much more. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you think Pear Deck is worth your school’s time to try.

What Is Pear Deck About?

Pear Deck lets students interact with your presentation from any device. Transform existing Google Slides, PPTs or PDFs into interactive presentations, or choose to build your presentation from scratch you can add in temperature checks, formative assessments, discussion prompts, diagnostics, or exit tickets. Then you can Invite every student to join your presentation from their devices so they can interact with the material and respond to prompts. You can also choose to turn on student-paced mode to allow students to work at their speed in the classroom or at home. Plus you get to see student responses in real time to get a quick temperature check on student understanding and you can share anonymous answers on the projector screen to spark debate, make every opinion be heard, and discuss common misconceptions.

Pear Deck Features:

  • Students understand class material better.
  • Students are more interested in the material.
  • You know which students are stuck, who’s ready for more, and what’s confusing them.
  • You can give every student a voice, even the shyest or most reticent.

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