Google Chrome Review: A Trade-off Between Convenience and Privacy

The issue that made many die-hard Chrome users consider switching to another browser is the shift to Manifest V3, scheduled to happen in June 2023. In theory, Manifest V3 promises to add extra security, performance and privacy compared to its Manifest V2 predecessor.

V3, however, brings a series of changes to the API that creates a conflict between Google as an advertisement power and its browser, as a user agent. A noteworthy change is the replacement of the webRequest API calls with declarativeNetRequest, which comes with a 30,000-rule limit. This will have a direct impact on numerous wide-spectrum content blockers that require a lot of space to include domain lists and rulesets to ensure their effectiveness.

Despite the controversy, many remain loyal to Chrome. After all, the browser is extremely fast and packs several powerful features many users want and use regularly.

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