See Which Websites and Apps Are Wasting Your Battery By Using Chrome

Battery Usage on Chromebook

Monitor Battery Usage on Your Chromebook

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a good week thus far, if not, just remember Friday is less than 48 hours away lol, anyway today we will spotlight a simple but useful tutorial for those of you using just the Chrome browser(perhaps on your windows/mac/Linux) and for those of you who are using a Chrome OS powered device, the Chromebooks etc, read on…

On Chome OS Device (Chromebooks, Chromebox)

If you’re finding that your Laptop or Chromebook battery is emptying rather quickly, even after you have tried this and that, we recommend you try this simple step:

  • Open Settings
  • Click Battery

A list of Chrome apps, Hosted apps and websites will appear, the closer to the top an item is the more power it is using, you can verify this by looking at the percentage the app/website is using on the right hand side.

On Windows, Mac, & Linux Systems

You can simply just type:  chrome://settings-frame/websiteSettings#battery  into your URL bar and it will take you to the right place where you will see which sites and apps are killing your battery, it’s that simple, pretty sweet right?

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