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Pakistani Hackers Hijack Google Website

The Bangladesh domain belonging to Google is the latest to become the victim of hackers, as a group of attackers apparently coming from Pakistan managed to deface the search engine page and post their...

Employee Sues Google over Internal “Spying Program”

Privacy has become a central concern for anyone who goes online, and Google is known for storing some personal information from users and people who search for various things online. Free Internet does mean...

The Long Road to Adobe Flash Player 24 for Linux

The top companies in the tech world are getting tired of Adobe’s Flash Player, and after many years of struggling to deal with its security vulnerabilities, key players like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla...

Drumbit For Chrome

Download Drumbit For Chrome

Drumbit allows you to choose from various drum kits, create, save and edit your rhythm patterns and record it as audio files. A drum machine that allows you to create and save rhythm patterns, free.