4 Of The Best Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh Systems for 2019

Home WiFi Mesh System 2019
Home WiFi Mesh System

If you have a big home and want to cover the large area of your home with full Internet connectivity, then you should setup Mesh Wi-Fi systems at your home. The market is full of different types of Mesh Systems to setup in your big home for better and uninterrupted Internet connectivity. What you can do hear is just explore the list of best whole home Wi-Fi Mesh Systems for 2019, and pick the most reliable one for your home from the following list now!

Best Home Wi-Fi Mesh Systems

  1. Google Wi-Fi

Google’s own Mesh Wi-Fi system is the best option available for you if you have a large area to cover with your Internet connectivity. It offers super faster Internet connection speed with 802.11ac 5GHz with maximum download speed of 101.41 Mbps at 5.0 GHz and 47.53 Mbps at 2.4GHz.

The Router comes with two Gigabit ethernet ports per unit I.e. 1 LAN Port and 1 WAN Port. The router includes up to 1-3 nodes and comes with Bluetooth ready connection. It’s one of the best systems which comes with a simple setup process and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket, it’s an affordable Mesh System for your home.

Key Features:

  • Simple setup process
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Affordable Wi-Fi Mesh System
  • Limited and easy to manage hardware controls
  • Comes with Bluetooth ready


  1. Tenda Nova MW6

Tenda has a huge range of advanced Mesh Wi-Fi systems from which the new Tenda Nova MW6 is the best option for you. This Wi-Fi router is very simple to use and comes with all the advanced features to provide proper connectivity to different spots of your home. The Nova MW6 from Tenda is powered by Mesh Technology and comes with a set of three powerful units.

With this system, you can cover the large area of up to 6000 square feet. It provides strong Wi-Fi signals to every corner of your house and has easy to use hardware controls. For more information about this system and how you can set it up at your home, you can head over to Tenda Nova MW6 Review.

Key Features:

  • Designed with the Mesh Technology
  • Comes with 3 units of Wi-Fi Router
  • Seamless Network connectivity
  • Easy to setup system designed for everyone


  1. TP-Link Deco M5

TP-Link has a number of different Wi-Fi systems and routers available for the users. If you are searching for the latest system with Mesh technology, then TP-Link’s Deco M5 is here for you. This System is one of the most affordable Mesh System router for your large home.

The router is powered by the latest chip and has all the useful connectivity options. It uses Quad-core CPU. It’s a MU-MIMO ready router which holds multiple connections easily. It also comes with a Router-based antivirus to protect your network from hackers and malware attacks. The system comes with Alexa Voice Assistant’s compatibility, you can control the system with your voice commands.

Key Features:

  • Easy to configure Wi-Fi Router
  • Simple setup and quick process
  • Super faster performance with high download speed
  • Connects easily with multiple devices


  1. Linksys Velop

If you are searching for an advanced and simple Wi-Fi mesh system for your home, then Linksys Velop is the perfect choice for you. Being a Linksys product, this Velop system is quite expensive compared to other Wi-Fi routers. It’s a powerful router which is there to cover up the large area of your home. You can use this router for connecting multiple devices simultaneously.

The Linksys Velop comes with the basic and advance connectivity options to setup the router easily. You don’t need to be a technical person to set up this router, just plug it in the power source and set it up in a few minutes. A single node of the router can cover up to 2000 square feet area.

Key Features:

  • Easy to setup Router
  • Simple design with easy to use functions
  • Comes with all the connectivity ports