Download Chrome 44 For iOS – Physical Web and Swipe Gesture Navigation

Physical Web Feature on Chrome 44 on iOS

Try Physical Web Feature on Chrome 44 on iOS

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Today we take a closer look at the new Google Chrome 44 update for iOS. I have just installed it on my iPhone 5s and so far it’s pretty sweet it’s much smoother and the new features are welcomed, you can see for yourself what I mean below.

Chrome 44 For iOS Update

“The Chrome team is beaming to announce the launch of Chrome 44 for iOS. Chrome 44.0.2403.65 is now available in the AppStore . Newness in this release includes:

  • Swipe to navigate – Swipe right or left to navigate backwards and forwards.
  • Support for accessing Physical Web content from the Today view.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.” – ChromeRelease

What Is Physical Web For Chrome iOS?

The Physical Web is an open source approach to help you build contextual interactions that people can discover and use with less friction. A few months ago, Chrome for iOS added a Today widget to let users open a new tab or do a voice search right from the Notification Center. The new Chrome for iOS integrates the Physical Web into the Chrome Today widget, enabling users to access an on-demand list of web content that is relevant to their surroundings.”

Chrome 44 Demo Screenshot

Google Chrome Browser 44 on iOS with Physical Web Feature

Physical Web Animated Gif Demo For Chrome 44 on iOS

Install Chrome 44 For iOS

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