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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great day, if not don’t worry, things will get better, just believe in yourself and remember to say a prayer(am talking about just a religious based prayer). Anyway, enough about my philosophy.

Today I will teach you how to record a video on your Chromebook as a webcam or even how to record a video on your Chromebox, they are basically the same thing, Chromebooks are laptops and Chromeboxes are desktops, read on…

Record a webcam video on your Chromebook

Record a webcam video on your Chromebook

 What is ClipChamp?

Convert & compress videos, record webcam videos. Free & Fast by download the Clip Champ App.

  • Converts your videos in Chrome directly on your computer, not online.
  • Works with input video files of all sizes.
  • Lets you record a video with your webcam in SD or HD. Max. length per video is 5 minutes.
  • Is a reliable MP4 converter, output videos are guaranteed to play on all modern devices.


Download the file or convert it for more options

ClipChamp Video Output Type

Choose your Video Output type on ClipChamp

You can download the recorded file by clicking the “download” link next to the file name. However if you want to upload the video directly to YouTube or Facebook and make it smaller for easier sharing, you’ll have to go through the conversion step. To do this, leave the output type as “Convert Full Video”.

Choose output device, resolution and conversion quality

Convert Webcam video on ClipChamp

Convert Webcam Video on ClipChamp

The output device setting will optimise your video for this type of hardware but will also play on all other modern devices. We have preselected the 480p mobile output preset for webcam recordings.

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