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Hello everyone, you can download Kanbanchi for Chrome, before you do that, you must know that it is an awesome app that I think these days is essential for those of you in business, school or just want a way to organize and display your projects, you can use it both as an online management app on your Windows 10 computers, Chromebooks, iMacs, Macbooks and even on your Linux(Ubuntu) computers because this app works directly through your browser.

Today we will show you why Kanbanchi is rightly one of the highest rated and most downloaded project management apps on the G Suite Marketplace. It deserves to be among the top and one of the best things about this app is that it integrates perfectly with your Google Drive, this is a big deal as you know, as long as you have a GMAIL account, it means you automatically have a Google Drive account. This means your data that you save is uploaded directly to Google’s cloud servers so you don’t have to worry about losing your data etc. Let’s find out what else makes Kanbanchi worth your time to download.

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What Is Kanbanchi About?

Kanbanchi for G Suite is the only online project management / task management / collaboration software with Kanban Board, Gantt Chart and Time Tracker. Project boards with lists and cards visualize a workflow of all your tasks and activities. Collaborate with your team in real time and manage your projects visually!

Kanbanchi is the only app of its kind built specifically for G Suite – you sign up with Google account, manipulate your project boards as files in Google Drive, give flexible access permissions, push dates to Google Calendar, etc. Intuitive, simple familiar interface and no learning curve can get people engaged easily – just deploy Kanbanchi to all users of your organisation from G Suite Admin Console.

Kanbanchi Features:

  • Create unlimited number of dashboards and cards
  • Share with an unlimited number of collaborators
  • Get email and in-app notifications about dashboard
  • Attach files from Google Drive
  • Leave comments for your colleagues
  • Organize cards with text tags and color tags
  • Sort and filter cards as needed
  • Manipulate dashboards as files in Google Drive
  • Import Your Trello Boards

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Kanbanchi Screenshots

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