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Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage on Chromebook

Hello everyone, you can download Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage for Chromebook and experience a pretty fun action role-playing game that keeps you interested with tons of power-ups and plenty of characters to choose from the Naruto Shippuden and Boruto series. Naruto Shippuden is my favorite Anime of all time by the way so excuse me if the post seems a bit biased lol, you have been warned!

How to install Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage as Android App

In order to install this game on your ChromeOS whether that be on a Chromebook or whatever else, you can do that following our instructions right below.

Choose where you want to download the game from:

Once you are done downloading it, after downloading Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage, launch it from the Launcher (app drawer) or the shelf (taskbar). Click the Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage icon to start playing.

Today we will highlight a popular mobile game that you can now play on your Chromebooks. I have been playing this game on my Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 (with touchscreen display), I have been playing this game for awhile, actually what happened was, I had this game on my old Samsung Galaxy phone in 2020 or so and then when I got a new phone sometime in 2021, I didn’t reload all the apps and games like I usually do so some apps and games were left behind, I actually forgot about this game until last week when I saw the game advertised on some website. Long story short, I have it again on my phone and now I also have it on my Chromebook and the game is fun, the graphics are decent, better than average so the real lure of the game is the gameplay and of course you get access to tons and I mean tons of characters and actually, you even get access to different versions of the same character with different powers, gear, clothes and abilities, much like the legendary Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja STORM games available on consoles and PC. Anyway, I really like the game, of course they have things they can change but the good thing is the game is updated almost weekly with new things and bug fixes, it has an active community with hundreds of thousands of players always online and with over 10 million installations, the game will be here for awhile.

By the way, you will need a touchscreen enabled Chromebook so make sure if you decide to play it on your Chromebook, check our list of Chromebooks that can run Android apps and games. If your Chrome OS device is on the list or if it was made after 2017, it can most likely run this game without any issues. Let us know in the comments what you think about this game, the perfect game for those of you who have plenty of time to kill whether at home or at work.

What is Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage About?

Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage is a strategy action game that you can play on Chrome OS, Android and iOS. It is based off the popular manga ninja world of Naruto and Boruto. You get to grow your village resources, create a ninja fortress and defend it from enemy attacks! Or go on the offensive and invade enemy ninja fortresses by defeating shinobi and traps with your most powerful ninja warriors and ninjutsu.

Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage Game Features:

Create your own Shinobi team

  • Collect your favorite shinobi from both the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN and BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS.
  • Including Naruto Uzumaki, Itachi, Sasuke, Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada and many more.
  • Enhance and evolve your ninjas to become the strongest clan.

Online gameplay is here

  • Join a shinobi guild and go on missions.
  • Team up to 4 players to defeat the unsealed Giant Bosses in Surprise Attack Missions.
  • Or team up to invade and takedown other player’s fortresses.

Protect your Ninja village

  • Design the ultimate shinobi fortress to protect village resources.
  • Defend your fortress from other players with traps, trained shinobi, and more.
  • Compete for Battle Rankings by attacking and protecting fortresses.

Action RPG Gameplay

  • Perform ninja combos with simple controls in a beautiful 3D anime world.
  • Finish your foes with a variety of powerful Ninjutsu attacks such as Naruto Uzumaki’s Rasengan.
  • Earn rewards by battling through various ninja missions.

    Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage Gameplay Screenshots

    Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage Gameplay Video

    Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage Chromebook Requirements

    • Supported OS version: ChromeOS 116 & Android 10.0 or newer.
    • Supported device: Device with 4GB of RAM or above.
    • Storage Space: 2 GB or above.

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