Download SketchUp for Schools on Chrome

SketchUp for schools on Chrome

SketchUp for Schools on Chrome

Hello everyone, you can now download SketchUp for Chrome, before you do that, I hope you are all having a great weekend so far, my week has been quiet good, slow but good. I like it when it feels like one week took two weeks. Time seems to go by too fast most times. I mean we are basically already in 2018! Anyway, I have an awesome education app I want to share with you all, please read on…

Today we will highlight an awesome app known as SketchUp for Schools. It is a free premium app for the G Suite Marketplace that integrates perfectly with Google’s Google Classroom network of apps. This app is simple, fast and at the time of this post, it is the #1 education app in the G Suite Marketplace app store. If you haven’t tried it, let me give you reasons why this app might be the best app for you and your students.

Install SketchUp for Schools on Chrome

Download SketchUp for Schools for Chrome Browser via Google Marketplace

Download SketchUp for Schools Chrome As Extension

What Is SketchUp for Schools About?

SketchUp for Schools is the core SketchUp modeler now available in a web browser for any Primary and Secondary School signed up with G Suite for Education. You can use SketchUp on any device with mouse & keyboard input and access to internet. You can make anything you can imagine, from anywhere, anytime you imagine it.

  • Integrated with Google Drive and Google Classroom
  • Works on Chromebooks or any Internet-connected computer. Currently in English-only.
  • Available through the G Suite for Education Apps Marketplace or the Chrome Web Store

SketchUp for School Screenshots

Official website:

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