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Photoshop Express on Chromebook 2020Hello everyone, you can download Adobe Photoshop Express for Chromebook and experience one of the highest rated apps on the entire Google Play Store. This is an app you shouldn’t ignore, trust me.

Today we will highlight some reasons why we think you should at very least give Photoshop Express a try if you haven’t. A lot of you might have used Adobe Photoshop Express on your Android or iOS devices, in fact that is this apps original purpose, but as most of you now know, most Chromebooks made from 2017 and beyond, can now comfortably run Android apps and games smoothly and without issues, especially if your Chromebook is a touchscreen enabled device. I am currently using a 2019 ASUS 15.6 inch touchscreen Chromebook I bought it for myself a few weeks ago and It runs this app just right. Photoshop Express allows you to edit photos with many unique tools that you can only find on premium photo editors.

  • Does Adobe Photoshop Express run on Chromebook? Yes!

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Download Photoshop Express on ChromeOS

What Is Adobe Photoshop Express About?

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Photoshop Express on Chromebook

Photoshop Express lets you have fun again on your Chromebook devices while allowing you to easily edit your photos faster and easier thanks to one-touch transformations and photo edits options used by millions of creative individuals. Make pro-looking images with an easy-to-use digital studio on your mobile device.

Photoshop Express delivers a full spectrum of tools and effects at your fingertips. Personalize your experiences with sticker makers, enhance color gradients and imagery, create pic collages, generate memes, make quick fixes and heighten your share-worthy moments.

Adobe Photoshop Express Features:


Upload images from multiple sources and formats (including raw and TIFF), posting your favorites directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and other social platforms or share them in email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Line to inspire others.


Easily reduce blemishes and spots from selfies and portraits.


Create professional-quality compilations by adding ready-to-use photo grid layouts and modifying borders and colors.


    Automatically adjust contrast, exposure and more with one-touch adjustments; easily crop, straighten, rotate for eye-catching layouts, and magically remove red-eye and pet-eye from your favorite moments. Smooth graininess, reduce color noise, and sharpen details to make your photos look their best. Use radial blur to blend out backgrounds and shift focus to specific subjects or full blur to create movement.


      Customize images with the sticker maker, create memes and captions, style your text with a wide array of fonts and layouts, add borders and frames, and stamp creations with custom watermarks.


      De-haze pictures to remove fog in a scene, apply dramatic filters for pictures, and easily slide to adjust color temperature, vibrancy and other color effects.

      Adobe Photoshop Express Screenshots

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