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Train 2 on Chromebook

Hello everyone, you can download Train Station 2 for Chromebook and play a popular train game on a larger screen with updated and easier controls, more trains and a bigger map.

Today we will highlight some reasons why we think you should definitely try this railroad game if you are a fan of trains or deep simulation games like these. I have always loved trains, I mean I always day dream of taking a long train ride between different cities for like 3 days straight, to me that is a dream that I will for sure make true one of these comes days. Anyway, so I decided to try this game because I noticed it has well over 10 million installations at the time of this post and and a superb rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 with half a million reviews. That all added up to a stable game that I should at the very least read about. I decided to quickly install it on my Chromebook and it worked right out the gate, and yes, my Chromebook does have a touchscreen and I recommend all of you who are looking into getting a Chromebook, get the ones with a touchscreen, trust me on this one. As loaded the game, I noticed the nice graphics, I mean these are like cartoonish graphics but they fit the game perfectly which is also why this game is playable for ages. I have collected well over 40 trains already and I my custom build railroad network is expanding just right.

By the way, you will need a touchscreen enabled Chromebook so make sure if you decide to play it on your Chromebook, check our list of Chromebooks that can run Android apps and games. If your Chrome OS device is on the list or if it was made after 2017, it can most likely run this game without any issues. Let us know in the comments what you think about this game, the perfect game for those of you who have plenty of time to kill whether at home or at work as you stare at these great graphics.

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What is Train Station 2 game about?

Train Station 2 is a railroad game that works on your Chromebook. “Train 2: Railroad Game” is a train simulator game that allows players to collect, build, and upgrade trains to build their own railway empire. The game has over 200 famous trains from different eras, and players can complete contracts to earn rewards and grow their railway empire. Players can also explore new regions of the world and compete with friends in multiplayer mode.

Train Station 2 Features:

  • Collect trains: Over 200 famous trains from different eras are available to collect and upgrade.
  • Build a railway empire: Expand your railway network and become the biggest railway tycoon in the world.
  • Complete contracts: Complete contracts to earn rewards and grow your railway empire.
  • Explore new regions: Explore different regions of the world and experience different cultures.
  • Compete with friends: Compete with friends in multiplayer mode and see who can build the biggest railway empire.

Train Station 2 Gameplay Screenshots

Train Station 2 Gameplay Video

Train Station 2 Chromebook Requirements

  • Supported OS Version: Chrome OS & Android 8.0 or newer.
  • Supported Device: Device with 4GB of RAM or above.
  • Storage Space: 5 GB or above.

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