Download Airflow For Chromecast

AirFlow App on Chromecast

Download AirFlow App on Chromecast

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Today I want to showcase a great Chromecast app known as Airflow. If you were wondering how to send your videos from your Windows PC or Mac computers to a Chromecast, this Airflow we are showcasing is the answer. Lets find out what makes this handy Chromecast app a must download for any Chromecast user.

What Is Airflow?

Airflow allows you to send any video to your Chromecast from either a Windows or Mac OS X computer. We’ve seen a variety of options for sending video from your computer to your Chromecast with Chrome or even the command line, but if you’re looking for more of an all-in-one solution, Airflow’s an app that’ll send just about any video to Chromecast or Apple TV from your Windows or Mac computer.

After opening up Airflow, you just need to drop in a video file, select the device you want to send it off to, and it’ll start playing within a few seconds. It supports a variety of video types, subtitles, and even scrubbing with a handy preview.

Some of the features:

  • Advanced transcoding pipeline (what can be remuxed will be remuxed, what needs to be transcoded will be transcoded)
  • Hardware accelerated transcoding (through Intel QuickSync)
  • Good subtitle support (no transcoding necessary for text subtitles, support for bluray and DVD subtitles, size adjustment)
  • Surround sound
  • Scrubbing with preview (see screenshots)
  • Simple, polished, no-nonsense user interface

Install Airflow App on Chromecast

Airflow App Screenshot

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