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Hello everyone, you can now download CNN Plus for Chromebook and experience yet another premium streaming service much like Amazon Prime for Chromebook with the exception that CNN Plus’s content is mostly based on the latest news from around the globe, of course it doesn’t include original films and documentaries.

Today we will highlight the reasons why we think you should go ahead and try CNN+ on your Chromebooks today. I have not yet signed up for this service and I honestly don’t think I will, it’s not my cup of tea if you will but for those of you who want to keep up with the latest headlines from across the globe, this premium service is for you. Although the launch of the CNN Plus hasn’t quite lived up to the hype, I am sure more people will sign up in due time once CNN starts to market it more in the next few months. I am thinking they are probably working on deals to bundle the service up with cable and internet companies, perhaps even TV companies like so many other premium services have done and it has worked well for both sides. CNN+ works just fine on my Chromebook and you actually have 2 methods to get it to work, both work perfectly and you can choose which way right below this paragraph. Of course some people might have issues especially if you decide to use the Android app because you can only run Android apps on your Chromebook if your Chromebook was made in 2017 or later. Besides that, you can also simply just use your Chrome browser to access CNN+. Let us know in the comments what you think about this service from CNN, don’t be shy!

  • Does CNN Plus work on Chromebook? Yes!
  • Is CNN Plus Free ? No. CNN Plus is a premium subscription service.

Install CNN Plus as Android App

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What Is CNN Plus About?

CNN Plus is a premium service that gives you combines CNN’s library of Original Series and Films with new and interactive programs to keep you informed and engaged with the world like never before.

Live, on-demand and interactive programming give you insight into your favorite subjects, including: world news, business and tech, food and travel plus cultural exploration. Personalize your experience and stream the stories of your world. Take deep dives and join insightful discussions on the world’s most important topics.

CNN+ Features:

  • Stream live news coverage and reporting.
  • Access CNN’s library of award-winning series and films anytime you want.
  • Interact with anchors and experts during live Q&As with Interview Club.
  • Uncover more stories of our world with CNN+ Original Series and Films.
  • Save shows, films and interviews to your Watchlist.
  • Commercial-free streaming.

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