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Hello everyone, you can download TeamViewer for Chromebook and get to use one of the most popular apps that allow you to have remote access, remote support and remote control of another device which could be your macOS laptop for designing, a Windows laptop for gaming, or you might want access to another Chromebook or Linux server, TeamViewer can let you do all that on your Chromebook.

Today we will highlight some reasons why you should go ahead and try to install TeamViewer on your Chromebook. I have been using TeamViewer on my Chromebook since last year and it works perfectly. I actually first tried it via as a Chrome extension and that way it worked fine too but to me, it seemed like it would use a little more memory when I ran it via the Chrome browser. As most of you know, I now use a Chromebook that allows me to install and run Android apps so I tried the TeamViewer Android app and it works perfectly on my Chromebook. I am able to login to my Linux Server hosted in Seattle, and then I am also able to login to my Windows 10 laptop when I need to access some apps or files. Let us know by leaving a comment about what you think about TeamViewer once you install it.

  • Does TeamViewer run on Chromebook? Yes!

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Download TeamViewer for Chromebook

What Is TeamViewer About?

TeamViewer is a comprehensive, remote access, remote control and remote support solution that works with almost every desktop and mobile platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

TeamViewer lets you remote in to computers or mobile devices located anywhere in the world and use them as though you were there. You can also can remotely connect to servers, commercial-grade machines, and IoT devices from anywhere, at any time through our secure global remote access network.

TeamViewer Features:

  • Intuitive touch and control gestures
  • File transfer in both directions
  • Screen sharing and complete remote control of other devices
  • Sound and HD video transmission in real-time
  • Highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange
  • Computers & Contacts management
  • Chat with others logged into TeamViewer

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