Top 5 iTunes Alternatives On Chromebook


Hello everyone, how are you doing on this boring Monday afternoon? Honestly, does anyone look forward to Monday’s? Anyone? Lol anyway, today on we will showcase you the best iTunes replacements for a Chromebook. This of course includes Chromebox, Chromebase and other devices that run the honorable, durable, Chrome OS. I am getting pretty good at this promoting thing right? Hehe, read on…

Can I run iTunes on A Chromebook?

The answer is no, iTunes cannot run on a Chromebook or any device with the ChromeOS installed. We shouldn’t be surprised at this because Apple has no need to help out one of it’s biggest competitors, Google by allowing iTunes to work on Google’s operating system. The only good news is that we have found a list of the best iTunes alternatives for those of you using a Chromebook, Chromebox or Chromebase computer.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service that provides access to a vast library of songs, albums, playlists, and music videos. It offers ad-supported and ad-free listening options, and users can also upload their own music. YouTube Music also provides personalized playlists based on your listening habits.

YouTube Music can be accessed through the Chrome browser or by downloading the YouTube Music app from the Google Play Store.

2. Use Grooveshark

Install Grooveshark on Chromebook

Use Grooveshark on Chromebook

I have been using Grooveshark for the past 3-4 years and it’s quiet possibly one of the best things ever invented! You can listen to just about every song, mixtape and album from almost every artist out there, seriously, it’s that good. It is like the Youtube of music, and to be fair, Youtube would be on this list(probably $1) but who doesn’t know about Youtube? Anyway, here is the official description about Grooveshark is a Web-based music streaming service. Users upload digital audio files, which can then be streamed and organized in playlists. The Grooveshark website has a search engine, music streaming features, and a music recommendation system.

3. Use Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a music streaming and distribution platform that provides access to a diverse range of music, including popular and emerging artists, as well as DJ sets, podcasts, and more. It offers a library of over 200 million tracks and the ability to upload your own music. Soundcloud also provides personalized playlists and a social media aspect that allows users to connect with other music fans and artists.

Soundcloud can be accessed through the Chrome browser or by downloading the Soundcloud app from the Google Play Store.

4. Use Spotify

Install Spotify App on Chromebook

Spotify  on Chromebook

Spotify is quickly rising in the ranks and it has easily become the go-to source for streaming official albums and music for most users worldwide. I don’t use it because I am cheap, and I don’t plan to pay ANYTHING if I can get it for free. Don’t look at me like that, most of you agree with me but you just won’t admit it, but don’t blame me, I am below middle class! Here is the official description: Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Choose the music you love, or let Spotify surprise you. If you know what you want, just search and hit play. Or find new music by browsing the collections of friends, artists and celebrities. It’s easy to build a personal collection by creating your own playlists. Or if you find a playlist you really like, just add it to your collection. Very soon, you’ll have the right music for every mood and occasion.

5. Use InstaDJ

Use InstaDJ on Chrome

Play music on Chromebook using InstaDJ

This is kind of an interesting web site, it basically lets you browse YouTube and thus you can create your own playlist or search for other people’s playlist to stream to, free. I just discovered it this morning and I plan to play around with it all weekend long to see if it’s worth the time, but so far, it looks like it’s quiet useful. Don’t ignore InstaDJ, it looks simple and plain but it might be exactly what you are looking for.

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